Whole of school approaches to literacy

Languagewise offers teachers from all areas and across both primary and secondary schools a range of resources for improving student literacy across the curriculum.


One school's experience

Here's how one school evaluated their work with Tonya:

Dr Tonya Stebbins worked with our school throughout 2013. Our goals were to improve teacher practice and student outcomes around writing. We asked Tonya to work with teachers from Prep through to Year 12, and to address writing as a part of all subject areas and every teacher’s responsibility. Tonya was great to work with. She really listened to what we wanted and tailored her delivery specifically to our context. Tonya presented a level of expertise about writing that lifted our thinking well beyond tasks and tests. She was able to stimulate and to challenge us. Tonya helped us to adopt a shared language to use when teaching writing so that each student at our school will have a seamless writer’s learning journey. 

Every school has slightly different challenges when it comes to promoting writing across the curriculum. What challenges do you face? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin a discussion about how your school can develop new ways of helping student writing to flourish.