About Tonya Stebbins

Dr. Tonya Stebbins is the Director of Languagewise. She is passionate about empowering others through increasing their understanding of the workings of language.

Dr. Stebbins has had a distinguished academic career as a lecturer, researcher and administrator and is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne. She established Languagewise as an independent consultancy in 2012 in order to make more direct contributions to the support of language development and language diversity in the community.

Among the subjects Dr. Stebbins has taught for many years at the tertiary level are English Grammar and subjects on the Sociology of Language and on Bilingualism and Language Acquisition. Her online grammar learning tool Grammarpedia (www.languagetools.info/grammarpedia) was developed to support a blended learning approach to English Grammar and has been used in Tertiary courses on English grammar since 2008.

Her research focuses on language description, documentation and development for minority languages in Canada, Papua New Guinea and Australia. As part of this work she has contributed to curriculum development for heritage language programs. This work has also involved the design and development of complex relational databases for managing large multi-lingual corpora.